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August 27, 2000

Bored bored bored bored bored bored… That’s pretty fun to type, by the way… Bored bored bored bored bored..

Oh, don’t open e-mail with the attachment FREE DONKEY PORN.VBS. This has been a public service announcement by in association with (Even if segfault doesn’t know it).

August 27, 2000

OK, so here’s the deal… The NIC on shiva was working in full duplex. Since it is the only 10/100 NIC on my lan (all the others being just plain ol’ 10s) this was likely a problem. I moved my autosensing switch into the other room, and put the plain ol’ sohoware 10 hub back in here. All seems zippy. Very groovy. Problem solved (I think).

August 26, 2000

Oh, so we all did dinner at “Follow Your Heart” on Sherman Wy, last night. Its some hippie grocery store with a restaurant attached. Kinda a neat place. I have to agree with Travis on this one, lots of hot chicks at vegetarian restaurants. (That one, at least)

So, I spotted this woman who had a few simbols tattooed on her calf. I thought it was some hindu collection of symbols, until I realized the one on top was the symbol for pisces. I think I have a good idea for my tattoo now; the symbol for scorpio.

So, interesting people there. That woman with the tattoo was wearing this shirt that said “I *symbol for heart* Me”. Then there was the girl sitting next to us, telling her date about how she doesn’t drink coffee, she drinks cappuccino. Very ditsy. I was impressed by the level of dits.

August 26, 2000

OK, well I moved all my web content over to shiva, forwarded 8080, and shut down the web server on roto-router. There will be a few things down for a little while, mainly news and webalizer.

I’ll be able to put up some new content, though… I’m really going wild with the CGI and the SQL stuff, so that’ll be a large part of it. Also, there wont be 8080 vs 8081 issues, which I really didn’t like much. I wish there weren’t a port specification to deal with at all… Damn GTE.

Oh, for those of you who know about my paranoid log watching thingie, yeah I set it up on shiva, so I once again get to watch you all access the site live. And yeah, I’m forwarding all logging from roto-router through to shiva, so I won’t be missing anything. Neat, eh?

August 25, 2000

So potrero is coming up in a bit over about a week. I get to run off to San Diego county, wander around drunk without any pants, hitting on belly dancers… And three days with no technology! (Except the bathroom, must have indoor plumbing)

I still haven’t gotten any submissions for the BhodiSoft Challenge. Come on ladies, get those cameras a’ flashin’.