August 26, 2000

OK, well I moved all my web content over to shiva, forwarded 8080, and shut down the web server on roto-router. There will be a few things down for a little while, mainly news and webalizer.

I’ll be able to put up some new content, though… I’m really going wild with the CGI and the SQL stuff, so that’ll be a large part of it. Also, there wont be 8080 vs 8081 issues, which I really didn’t like much. I wish there weren’t a port specification to deal with at all… Damn GTE.

Oh, for those of you who know about my paranoid log watching thingie, yeah I set it up on shiva, so I once again get to watch you all access the site live. And yeah, I’m forwarding all logging from roto-router through to shiva, so I won’t be missing anything. Neat, eh?

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