August 26, 2000

Oh, so we all did dinner at “Follow Your Heart” on Sherman Wy, last night. Its some hippie grocery store with a restaurant attached. Kinda a neat place. I have to agree with Travis on this one, lots of hot chicks at vegetarian restaurants. (That one, at least)

So, I spotted this woman who had a few simbols tattooed on her calf. I thought it was some hindu collection of symbols, until I realized the one on top was the symbol for pisces. I think I have a good idea for my tattoo now; the symbol for scorpio.

So, interesting people there. That woman with the tattoo was wearing this shirt that said “I *symbol for heart* Me”. Then there was the girl sitting next to us, telling her date about how she doesn’t drink coffee, she drinks cappuccino. Very ditsy. I was impressed by the level of dits.

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