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May 11, 2002

Last week, I had surgery on my nose to correct a deviated septum and also biopsy a mass that we’d found during an earlier exam. Mass was just lymphoid tissue; nothing to worry about. The nose has been the center of my life for the last week, but it is getting to be under control now.

I had some hopes to put together a couple new graphic works for BhodiSoft.comic and also a different project, but I’m having issues with style on the latter. I’ve also started throwing together a collection of the strips, like for some sort of publication (most likely through kinko’s press)… but that feels too self-serving for me to continue… I can’t see how just a straight archive would be worth people’s interest (since one already exists here), so I started making notes on the development of the comic…

But, lets face it, the strip is popular only among my friends. Its not like I have a huge fan-base like a lot of web comics. Aside from a mystery-mug that james told me about, the only purchase from the bhodisoft store that I’m aware of (and that wasn’t made by me) was a single t-shirt that masa owns. Not exactly the sort of merchandising beast that George Lucas stays up worrying about, is it?

I first started drawing the comic in September, 2000… A year and a half ago… There are just over 100 strips. Not bad; but the irregularity of my posts is a clear issue for its popularity.

I wish I had the energy to devote to making the comic worthy of attention… And I wish I had the artistic ability to follow through on my plans…. but I don’t. Its a damn shame.