September 17, 2000

After bathing E/Irwin, gobbing on some neosporin and sticking him in an empty critter carrier on top of my tv, which would serve nicely as a heating pad, I covered him up with a towel and wandered off with James to see “Almost Famous”, Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical flick about his days writing for Rolling Stone. It is absolutely a must see flick. For those who don’t know, his other big movies are Jerry McGuire and Say Anything. All must see’s.

So, I got back home to find E/Irwin’s carrier upside down on the floor, blocking the door to my room. The fall is over four feet, so as you can imagine I was freaked. He’s totally mobile, and didn’t seem at all sensitive. His bites are invisible to my eye, but I gobbed on some more neosporin in what I figure is approximately the right spots. E/Irwin refused to let go of my hand as I tried to put him back in the carrier, so he’s back home in his terrarium with his nice fresh sand, bowl of water, two hiding huts, toy ladder and heat lamp… I hope he recovers quickly, he had way too stressful a day, and I can’t help but think that its at least partially my fault. Kai says it happens, not to worry, but I am my mother’s son… I worry.

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