May 31, 2001

A couple months back, I had to contact GTE to see what was up with their filtering… I had started seeing lots of connections to port 80, which should have been blocked by their routers. They said that there weren’t any issues with that port anyway, so not to worry about it. I take that to mean that they weren’t going to bother reinstating filtering for my ip.

So, for those of you who have followed the saga of bhodisoft, especially its dns issues, you may see this coming… I checked, and sure enough, outside IPs can hit my dns server. Now that I’ve got another site hosting bhodisoft, I can finally completely control my DNS…

Well, I’m not going to switch the site back over to running off one of my systems yet… However! I did just config my dns server to point requests for at the right location, along with requests for

We may yet see proper function out of this site!

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