December 11, 2002

I quit my job today.. Gave a month’s notice, though… Leaving for reasons that I won’t be going into.

No way can I afford my place without a job that pays as well as my current one does; but I know I won’t be able to pick one up in a timely fashion… So, I’m moving back home with the folks.

This is bugging me because I don’t want to be the 27 year old guy who still lives with his parents… especially after being the 26 year old guy making 50k/year.

I’m looking forward to being around friends, though… and I miss Thousand Oaks…

The reason I gave when I quit was that I wanted to be with my father, who is a heart patient… This wasn’t the main reason, but it wasn’t bullshit either. My grandfather died earlier this year and it got to me… More than I tend to give it credit for…

I just keep remembering when I moved away and my dad talking about how he wasn’t going to have anyone around to help him out… He was really sad to see me go, and I’ve wanted to make it up to him. Here’s my chance.

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