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Feb 18, 2009

Mom has been digging into the family history…

Seems my great-great-great-grandmother Kate Keller was 5th or 6th cousin to a woman named Kate Keller whose daughter was Helen… Well, actually Kate Keller also had a daughter named Helen… But not THE Helen… That was the other one. You follow that right?

Cool… It seems Kate also had a daughter named Beula who married a guy named Thomas Luther Watkins and then another guy named Luther Thomas about four years later…

Did they only have like five names available back then, or what?

So, Beula was a stuntwoman (no record of what she did) for Hal Roach (Think “Our Gang” or “Laurel and Hardy”) and Warner Bros whose stage name was Dolly… Which is also my grandma’s name. She wasn’t a stuntwoman, though.

Of course, I think the duplicate Helens and coincidentally named husbands are a paperwork mixup. The duplicate Kate’s seem to be legit.

[EDIT: Nope, the Thomas Luther / Luther Thomas thing is accurate. ]