September 27, 2000

I tried feeding E/Irwin today, but he wasn’t interested. He made two half-assed attempts, but the mouse jumped over him. I think E/Irwin is too close to shed to want to eat.

So, I was driving the mouse back to Fins ‘n Fangs, listening to it hopping in the Vons bag I use to feed E/Irwin… and I decided, what the hell! So, I turned around, walked out into the field at CLU, and set it free. I doubt he’ll last long, he doesn’t have the instincts, and he’s pure white… but he earned it. Hell, he dodged E/Irwin’s attacks, maybe he’ll have a chance. I just hope he doesn’t head for houses.

I set the bag down in the middle of a horse trail, and waited while the mouse cowered at the back of the bag, so I dumped it over and he slowly started looking around… He wandered away a foot or two, then back toward me… then a few feet away the other direction, then back toward me. I was afraid he was too socialized to people, that there was no way he was going to run for it and I was going to have to keep him as a pet (which would just NOT work) or take him to Fins ‘n Fangs after all… but he wandered off a few feet, went one way off the trail, couldn’t quite make it through the growth, turned back the other way and disappeared into a little crack…

I half expected to see some predator lunge for him as soon as I let him out of the bag…

Good luck, little dude!

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