September 25, 2000

So, at lunch James mentioned that he’d spent half an hour looking for the place on the site where you can search for wish lists. I told him to give me five minutes and I’d find it. James came back at me with the comment that in that five minutes I could probably check out twice as many pages as he could in 30 minutes (he’s feeling a bit impotent with his dialup connection).

So I told him give me 3 minutes. 😉

Well, I got home from donuts and figured I’d give it a shot… Opened up my clock in windows and checked the time, 3:22:18. I hit the amazon site, checked the front page, then went for the help… There was help on creating a wish list that took me to the wish list FAQ. The wish list FAQ mentioned the search, but contained no link… However the wish list FAQ had a title suggesting that it was a child of a “wish list” page… I hit that, and there was the search.

This wasn’t good enough, though. I knew the page I was looking for, but there had to be an easier way to reach it. There wasn’t anything obvious on the amazon main page, except that link that says “Directory” looked promising. I hit that, and found another link to “Wish list”. Bingo!

Checked the time, 3:23:36… 1 minute, 18 seconds!

So, I did what any good sport would do… I paged james to gloat. ;D

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