September 24, 2000

Last night I saw Laura Wilkinson working with a reporter who wanted to know about diving from the 10m platform. Six months ago, Laura couldn’t walk. She had broken three bones in her right foot during a dry land diving practice session. She couldn’t practice for months, so she spent her time going over her dives in her mind… She got out of her cast two months before the olympic trials and scored a perfect 10 on one of her dives.

She came into tonight’s competition in 8th place, but she put up a hell of a performance. Great dives, near perfect. While the competition around her was falling by the wayside due to nervous dives and huge splashes, she kept up her performance and brought home the gold. Awesome.

If you ask me, Laura Wilkinson is one of the great stories of this olympics. She played the games with a positive attitude, she did her best, and she got what she deserved. Congratulations Laura.

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