September 20, 2000

“je ne sais quoi” this is my peeve of the morning. So and so has this certain… je ne sais quoi. Does anyone have a clue what they’re saying? It just sounds neat, right? Makes you sound elite and educated… But do you know what it means? “I don’t know what.” That’s what it means! I don’t know! Bah, people are stupid…

So I just got back from getting the oil changed on Descartes (My car… I don’t normally call it that, but it felt appropriate), and it’s kinda neat… everyone at the dealer knows me. A mechanic pulls my car around and just hands me the keys. I walk up to the cashier window, don’t say a word, and she tells me what I owe her (less than I thought, but it was the right bill). Very cool. Of course some of them call me Bryan, but oh well… That’s my dad’s name, btw… But for some reason people call me Bryan even if they don’t know my dad… I have some sort of Bryan aura or something.

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