September 16, 2000

My house is a strangely lit environment lately… My room has a constant red glow, thanks to E/Irwin’s heat lamp. Of course there are also the little power lights, the glow from a monitor gone black, digital readouts from my VCR, alarm clock/radio and the cable unit. There’s also a red light on my answering machine, but that’s pretty much hidden from view, so I don’t notice it (had a couple messages there for days before I noticed). Little yellow power lights on the speakers, on the monitors, on the keyboard, on the GoldCam. Glowing lights from the hubs, the NICs and the power strips. My room is constantly humming with electronics… I just know one of these days my testicles are going to swell up like grapefruits and my children will have antlers. But damn they’ll be some kickass quake players!

I was also gonna mention my half-lit bathroom because of a blown ballast, whatever that is… but I wandered off on that electronics tangent and my bathroom just isn’t that exciting. Oh, my ear isn’t ringing right now… First time since Monday morning… Maybe I won’t need to go see the doc for it, after all.

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