September 15, 2000

Hey, z0rk signed the guestbook… ‘ats pretty cool. I spent the day with james, as usual. We put a little work into Monolith, grabbed fud down at Pizzeria La Piccola, checked out some motorcycles… In the evening we got together with Ty and Akoni to see “Way of the Gun” again, and made a post-midnight run to In-N-Out. The girl behind the counter was way busy… She thought she had zoned and not charged me for my drink, but it was on my receipt when I checked later… She told me just to not tell anyone, though. 😉

Hauled Ty and James back here so James could put some more work into Monolith, while Ty and I watched Montana. Ty said he dug what he saw of it, but that he’d fallen asleep for a few minutes… I guess he’s been a bit narcoleptic today, so I didn’t mind. He’s hanging with D tomorrow! Rock on!

Its too damn hot. I came back home to find the cold side of E/Irwin’s tank at 85 degrees… well, the room is all dark now, and the window is open… I’m trying to cool the room down and his tank with it… I feel sorry for the poor guy. He should be able to handle this, but I’m not enjoying myself, so its gotta suck for the poor dude… He can’t even bitch about the heat. That’s gotta suck.

The ex and I are having a very bipolar relationship… I give up trying to figure things out… I’m just gonna try going my own way, and maybe we’ll end up in the same place eventually. Which basically means, I’m going to work on changing those elements of my life that I feel need change, I’m going to try not to let her bug me, and I hope things will work out for us… We’ve had too good of a relationship for me to want to see it die.

I was drowning my sorrows in cans of Coke all day… I was thinking about watering one down with tequila, but it was too early in the day for that sort of thing… And I’m not feeling the urge right now. Ha! My inaction has its good points, ms. ex chicka! ;P

Damn this big old clunker of a computer… Its almost as tall as my desk, and is taking up enough room that I can’t kick back like usual… Will be nice when its gone, but if it gets us closer to money, I’ll deal.

Oh yeah, James and I went out to the Simi Computer User’s Group this eve… They were supposed to have a lecture called “CyberCop” which we thought might be interesting. James was going to defend the hacker community, but I just wanted to hear what they had to say. The lecturer was sick, though. Hopefully they’ll reschedule it… I wonder if it’ll turn out to be the Mod Squad Hax0r chick from my Intro to the Internet class at Moorpark. (yeah, it was easy units…)

They’re doing a linux demo next week… Think I should go? ;D Eh, it’ll probably be an Xwindows demo… and who uses X?

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