September 15, 2000

Just got back from Shooter’s Paradise with dad. We went through most of our ammo that’s been lying around the house. I fired 60 rounds through my nonexistant Beretta 96fs. 20 of those rounds were at a hostage target, which is a half-sized target of a man holding a hostage at gunpoint in front of him. I fired with the target at 25′ so it was equivalent to a full sized target at 50′. 2 shots out of my second magazine went wild, one way off to the left, and one just barely missing the terrorist’s head. My first shot, inspired by my dad mentioning the brachial nerve (actually the brachial plexus), was to the terrorist’s gun arm. Second shot was forehead, above the left eye. I had another shot later go wild and end up in his collarbone (right shoulder area), but all the rest were head shots… Well, a couple went low and ended up in the throat, but that’s still effective, I’d say. I definately broke his sunglasses.

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