September 13, 2000

The problem with Kaivalya’s new journal is that I now have another site I need to check daily… What with User Friendly, Sluggy Freelance, The Hunger Site, The Rainforest Site, Real Life Comics, and Sinfest (I save it for last)… And my flood of emails from Bugtraq and my PenTest mailing lists… My Linux Today security newsletter, and my CERT Advisory mailing list… And my Security Focus pager… And the LinuxNewbie.Org discussion groups… Not to mention the Daily Nothings!

Well, I’m pretty damn busy with just keeping up to date… I occasionally get the chance to check out some headlines, and look for a new BOFH… I barely have time to check my stats over at or SETI@home, and see if Dark Tangent has updated the DefCon page… and still meet the BitterKid for donuts.

Of course then there are the days when I actually find a problem I have to fix, deal with some lame skript kiddie, or patch together some new CGI toy of mine…

Damn! Where does the time go…?

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