September 12, 2000

What’s this? The BitterKid shouting to the heavens “God, I love you man”! Well, I suppose were I in his place… making out with a hottie chick, that reminded me of a hottie cartoon chick… I think I’d be pretty happy too.

Interesting night. Was hanging out on IRC, and james suggested Leo Carillo. So we went down there for a little while, kinda roamed the beach. Meandered back toward Simi, where I decided to make a stop at the Super Vons and pick up some “Breakfast Claws” and drinks (I had been craving OJ, but I went with one of them nestle quick thingies). I also bought some Mentos, just in case…

We wandered down to the park and gnawed on pastry, and decided that we should do a trip along the coast down Mexico way, via a small sail boat. Camp on the beach, gather food from local eateries, then hop back aboard for another day’s travel. Could be very cool. Of course arranging the boat and the funds will be the tricky part.

From the park we went to James’ place to begin planning. Paged Space, and we all went to Denny’s where we got the waitress James and I had last night (who is terrible, and smelled of pot), and despite my protestations I gnawed on a chicken strip. My stomach expressed its displeasure to me. Space and I enjoyed making fun of how gay James is, and discussing the idea of getting him a Gap gift certificate. We figure $80 outta buy him some Gap socks. Space and I also got to be standoffish and rudely extract ourselves from a conversation with people in front of Denny’s. It was pretty cool.

A loop around simi later, we were talking about robbing banks and grocery stores, but ended up back at James’ place. Growing tired (I’ve been averaging 6 hrs sleep a night lately) I figured I should get home before I was too tired to drive, so I dropped off Space at his new place and here I am.

We did just about everything to do, aside from drinking and movies… but it still was pretty uneventful. I did enjoy it though. I honestly believe that its not really what you do, but who you do it with. That’s why when I travel to visit my ex, I never want to do anything. I don’t want to busy myself touring the town, I want to spend time with her. Bah, I didn’t want to turn this into another post about the ex. Forget I typed that.

Oh, I avoided drinking coke while I was out… Though I did have that root beer at denny’s… I guess I kinda cheated. But I was still pretty good about it.

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