September 9, 2000

So I’ve got Gina covered… On to @ngel. I met her tonight at the party too. She’s the one that BitterKid dated for about three minutes. He introduced me to her, and as soon as she found out I was on the page too, she got really defensive… Well, not so much defensive, as embarassed and a bit on edge… She seemed guilty, maybe… I don’t know.

Tyler told her that I’d backed him up on his rant, and she asked if I hated her. Ty said I pretty much don’t hate anyone… except di0ck. 😉 Nah, it takes a lot for me to hate someone… Been a while since I’ve found someone worth hating. Maybe Dr. Laura.

So, well, it struck me how she was so worried that people would hate her. What she did, I can see being pissed about. But its not really something you can hate someone over. She screwed up, it sucks… People got hurt. But it wasn’t maliscious.

Oh, I got to describe her to PhyDeauX later, when I drove him home, so I’ll pass along my description… I told him that she was not unattractive, and that you could tell there was real substance to her personality. We both agreed that having something going on upstairs is attractive.

Mmmm… Pizza time.

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