October 19, 2000

Just read an interview with Paul Vixie and David Conrad on BIND v9.x… it was somewhat amusing… The question that really did it for me was when they asked whether security was an important consideration in the rewrite (BIND v9 was a complete rewrite of BIND). Vixie said no but that security came from stability (which is true), Conrad said that yes it was an important consideration… Figures that Vixie would say that… he’s only been responsible for some of the most famous exploits in history… Good ol’ vixie crontab, y’all remember that? That’s the only exploit that’s been sucessfully run against me.

It was back about two years ago, when I gave a friend (more recently known as gated) an account on my linux box to help me learn/secure it. I was pondering how to give him access to what he needed, when he told me not to worry about it… I ran ‘who’ and sure enough, guess who was root. 😉

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