October 12, 2008

Just marked “Buy a house” complete on 43 things… A bit late, but I haven’t been there lately.


Replaced a broken sprinkler. It leaks a bit, but the new one doesn’t shoot water higher than the roof anymore. Replaced 3 of the recessed bulbs downstairs with CFL flood light bulbs. Not able to find a westlock door knob to replace the broken one, but I’ll give it some more work.

Major accomplishment today was macguyvering replacement rollers for one of my windows. I couldn’t find the right replacements, but I popped out the rusted rollers (with some effort and chiseling with a screwdriver) and replaced them with some out of a different type of roller. Not perfect, but still a victory. The window actually slides now.

Sent out invites for the first movie night. Its Halloween, so I don’t expect much of a turnout, which is fine. Everyone will be drained after work, probably has plans already, and most people won’t want to drive out here to the boonies just to watch Saw and Scream. If I missed you and you want to come, let me know. I probably just don’t have an address I could send the evite to. No drama allowed.

Columbus day tomorrow. I actually have it off, so I’ll spend it calling the county appraiser to ask why I got a bill, and the mortgage company to tell them that they have the co-borrower down as the primary on the account.

I’ve decided to start keeping “to do” lists. I’ve been letting things slip, cause I figured I could always remember my tasks, but there’s just too much to do now.

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