October 10, 2000

Just got off the phone and sent my resume to some headhunter guy… He’s looking for unix/linux admins (I really need to toy with bsd and solaris around here…), and has a job where they’re looking for someone three days ago… He asked me how much I was looking for and I told him I wasn’t sure what I was worth… he said he’s just put me down for 2 million… I told him that’d be fine. 😉

So this job he has lined up pays 40… which is cool, ’cause I was looking at around 40-45k… but then he said that was 40 an hour and it’d work out to around 100k a year… I told him I thought I could live with that. ;D

So, yeah… ;D

I think I need to start waking up a bit earlier… This 5am-1pm sleep pattern just doesn’t look too good.

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