October 8, 2000

Lets see… I quaked today. Got my ass reemed all over the place. First I was playing on MC Wargrounds, and I was lagged all to hell… 400-999 ping with a 40+ PL… god damn, that sucked! But I set up the linux quake ip masq module, and it seems to have helped…

In my last match, I was on a mega server getting pounded hardcore by some scout… All it was was me getting conc’d, flash gren’d, and nailed to death… I couldn’t do a damn thing… it so sucked.

Yeah, so I’ve become one of those people who think mega blows… HWGuys should not be able to move when firing, and they shouldn’t be able to spin up those cannons so fast! When HWGuys are one of the more popular classes on the server, you know something is messed up!

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