May 20, 2001

I did a huge hike yesterday with Masa and James. We went out to punchbowl in Ojai. Must have been at least 5 miles (up a big friggin hill).

I’m in the midst of some annoying crap with… As you may know, for the last several years I’ve had a bigfoot address so I would always have one address to give to people, no matter where I was currently checking my mail… Well, earlier this week, it stopped forwarding. Along with that, bigfoot has stopped responding to me. I’ve sent in probably a dozen messages to them, but not once have they responded.

Pretty fucked up…

So you may notice that my email address listed on the site has changed in a few places to my bhodisoft address. As long as I have the domain (and a working dns/mail server) that addy should work… I hope.

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