livin’ la gentoo loca

So, I’m liking gentoo on the desktop. Thinks are actually much faster than they were on windows, and I’m able to do pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do… Linux for the desktop has come a long way.

I toggled parallel startup scripts and timed my system… 48 seconds from hitting enter at the grub prompt to the appearance of a gdm login screen… I’m sure that can be improved upon. ntp causes some unnecessary lag

The one thing giving me problems is the bootsplash/splashutils/gensplash/fbsplash genre of splashy-splash stuff… It works on the gentoo livecd, so I know its possible… Maybe I can less the cd or something and figure out what config they’re using. Bleh.

Edit: Heh, yeah, that sorta worked… did strings not less, though.

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