Impending doom…

Find the theme…

John Belushi American actor and comedian overdose of cocaine and heroin 1982
Eva Braun German Adolf Hitler’s lover suicide 1945
William S. Burroughs, Jr. American writer liver failure 1981
Althea Flynt American pornographer’s wife drowned due to heroin overdose 1987
Chris Farley American comic actor accidental cocaine and heroin overdose 1997
Jesus Christ (exact age at death uncertain) Judean founder of Christianity crucifixion ca. AD 30
Carole Lombard American actress, wife of Clark Gable aircraft crash 1942
Eva Perón Argentinian actress, wife of President Juan Perón cancer 1952
Keith Relf British singer / harmonica player (The Yardbirds) accidentally electric shock while playing his electric guitar 1976
Richard II of England English king, who was deposed and imprisoned by his cousin, Henry IV probably homicide or starvation 1400
Bon Scott Australian hard-rock singer (AC/DC) suffocation on his own vomit after drinking binge 1980

I had thought that Bruce Lee and my long time hero Alexander would be in this list, but wikipedia says no.

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