Guess who’s back!

$ uname -a
Linux roto-router 2.2.19 #2 Thu Apr 5 18:54:09 PDT 2001 i486 unknown

For those who don’t know but want to… roto-router was my first linux system. It was actually my first new computer back in the early 90’s. It was a 486sx that I added a math coprocessor and a 1G hard disk to. Of course the hard disk was way too big for BIOS to recognize, which lead to the need for a loadlin boot disk when I stuck linux on it and turned it into a web, mail and dns server as well as my internet gateway/firewall. It last saw service back in 2002 and died because of Gray Davis’ power crisis… But its back in action on my new network, chugging away at RC5-72.

Its kinda funny seeing how I set things up on it. I’ve come a long way.

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