February 15, 2005

Since we’ve heard that James has an address, I’m going to assume that he went from Week00 straight into Week01 starting around Feb 7th. Week01 (“Fall In”) is Drill and Ceremony, values classes, and lots of classroom time.

Going on that timeline, James would have started Week02 (“Direction”) on Valentine’s Day. This week will be unarmed combat, the victory tower (“Soldiers will still negotiate rope bridges, a cargo net and a rappelling wall.”), first aid, land navigation. A lot of that he already has experience with, so it should go relatively “smoothly” for him.

This part of training is called “Red Phase” and is often considered the toughest… not physically, but because its the transition from civilian life to military life. I think red phase ends after Week03. (Followed by White and Blue Phases.)

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