Done with the journal porting!


Well, it took 24 hours, and a bit of digging around in other people’s code, but at the end there I did manage to get a client to sorta do what I wanted it to do, as long as I didn’t let it format anything, just handle the uploads.

I am now moved into my livejournal site and will be posting here from now on.

ljclive works all right, but doesn’t properly do the backdating. It sets the date, but it doesn’t actually tell livejournal that its backdated, so even though the message is 5 years old, it shows up in the recent messages page… It also doesn’t let you post out of order.

I finally got backdating working with jlj by having it create a message in the queue, then using that as a template. I scripted something to pull posts from my journal and write them into the queue, then flushed jlj and voila!

jlj doesn’t really work with custom friend groups, though, so that I had to do by hand… but there were only 30 of those.

As a windows client, though, I do like Semagic. It just doesn’t work for the massive posting and editing that I needed to do.

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