December 13, 2000

So, I’m in talking to my dad and I notice roto-router is making some noise… so I check my logs and I see a stream of packet deny messages from a cnm addy. I hop into #ugf for the first time since the battle with james and gilli, to see who’s on that ip… I glance down the list and I whois didi, gilli, dalbert, and what’s this?! gn0me is on… heh, sure enough!

So I ask gn0me if he’s having fun portscanning me… he says no, not yet… I told him he was getting blocked and that I figured he got about as much info as he was going to get and he cut the scan off. I cat’ed the messages file, greped it for that ip, and output to a file… over 250k! damn, man!

So, I told him the ports that I have open, and the ports that he’d be able to hit through gte’s filters… he had to run, though.

That was somewhat entertaining… some nice clean fun.

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