Class politics in the world of warcraft

Politics has again reared its ugly head in WoW… The “nerf bat” has struck in beta and my beloved warlock class was the recipient.

It bothers me that the solution to imbalance issues is for people to cry out for the more powerful class to be brought back down to everyone else’s level. Its the same issue I have with tiered income tax. People should not be punished because they are successful or lucky.

If you suck and can’t beat me, that isn’t reason for 10% of my +damage gear to no longer have any effect… No, that’s reason for someone to propose that you be made into a stronger class, dumbass.

I suppose some will say that I should unpack my knapsack of demonic soul-eating privilege or some such crap, but screw that. I have never supported a nerf (even against the zomgwtfbbq “overpowered” hunter class), and I never will.

Conservative Warlocks, FTW.

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