Baptism, California style.

The car has been baptised. In the last 48 hours, it has seen sun, rain, snow, gravel, mud, been covered in ice, and hauled a pizza in the trunk. It has been to the starbucks. It has been through potrero, hidden valley, santa susanna pass, grimes, the 150 and part of the 33.


Its just too damn fast, and it eats gas like crazy (which I notice more because it has a 14gal tank instead of the 20gal on the 3000gt). I may look into replacing the spoiler with one off a Lancer RalliArt, and adding a turbo timer.

James and I both looked at the carbon fibre trim on the dash and wouldn’t have been surprised if it was real.

100 miles and I can stop worrying about keeping it under 5k/rpm.

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