August 26, 2001

Here’s to those that wish us well! All the rest can go to HELL! 😉

That’s right, people. G_E is in full effect down here in S.D.. I be pimpin da ho’s like there’s no tomorrow. These UCSD babes are all like “Oh, masta’ G_E, we had no idea what a man truly was until we met you… Please be gentle.” and I be like “Well, since you asked nicely…” [/toad voice]

Not having a scanner is putting a damper on things, I wanted to do some cartoons, but it would be a pain in the ass to get them online. I’ll have to work out a delivery method for that. Any local hotties with a scanner, feel free to volunteer your services. I’ll be sure to pay you back in my own way. Aw, yeaahh! ;D

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