April 24, 2001

Well, a couple weeks back I passed the Linux Professional Institute 101 exam… I’ve been studying for 102, and I think I’ll be taking (and passing) that later this week. I picked up the book “General Linux II” by Emmett Dulaney and Chris Hare, and aside from some errors that really should have been caught before going to print, its been an excellent aide.

I think (hope) that Aleph1 killed my bugtraq post… It really wasn’t a big enough deal to post, and I was pretty much just submitting it so I could see my name in an advisory, I suspect… Bah, whatever…

I saw “Bounce” two nights ago… It was really excellent, and I can see why Ben Afleck calls it the best work he’s ever done.

Last night I was thinking about how I have this great opportunity right now… I have the opportunity to be a self-made man. If I go somewhere in my field, it will be because I taught myself what I need to know, and because I earned my success…. That’s something to be proud of.

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