September 29, 2004

I haven’t been to vegas since defcon 11, when I had a broken foot, was on crutches and left after a day… So that doesn’t count.

More than a year since I’ve been there, and I need to get back and unwind for a couple days. I need a bender and I can’t go on one in California, because that involves me needing to drive home at the end of the night, which means I can’t get sloshed.

I started reading a collection of zen texts off my shelf, but I haven’t made it through the introduction. Not exactly making progress on bringing myself back into balance, am I?

James is talking about the Corps. I’ve been thinking about the National Gaurd, since I’ll meet their age requirements… I should think more, because the last time I was at the gym was when I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to join the Marines because of my foot.

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