May 30, 2008

Feeling very visual lately. Wanting to do more work in photography and painting. Haven’t painted in years, but I have something in mind from an experience I had last November. I just hope I can pull it off. I’ve pretty much always painted in acrylic, and I don’t know that that would be the right medium. Probably watercolor would be more like it.

Photography wise, I need to learn to be more technical. Ansel Adams said “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” and that’s pretty much my technique. But if I want to get better at designing photos rather than capturing them as they occur, I need to learn the medium better… Probably also need to start shooting raw and get better at photoshop while I’m at it… Hey, I should get a copy of photoshop. Not that I want to do much touching up, I’d rather get it right in the camera… but if I can make things look better afterward, well, cool.

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