May 17, 2005

OK, so here’s a tip for anyone playing around with vegadns… if your web server doesn’t respond as expected (like, you turn off listening on all but one external ip, thus shutting down the 127 connection vega’s updater is expecting), then the updater doesn’t fail in a very graceful fashion… In fact, it will blank your entire DNS ruleset, synch that with your slave dns server and boom, your namespace is toast. Hope you remember your IP.


Not really my best week. I feel like I flaked really badly on Travis, even though a lot of it was out of my hands. I never hooked up with one client… still not sure why I missed her one callback… and I wasn’t aware of problems with another major client (they didn’t know they had my cell number, so I didn’t get a call when the problem was happening)…

Major fscking bleh.

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