May 1, 2005

Went shooting with dad earlier this week. He had to do his six month quals for his CCW, and I go along with him each time (I usually outshoot him, but I wasn’t ready when he started shooting so I didn’t get to do the quals and get scored this time). After the last time I found that our gun cleaning equipment was missing at first, and I let my gun go uncleaned. We kept agreeing that we might as well just go shooting again before cleaning it, but that never happened… Man, I let that go waaaaay, too long.

Anyway, the place where we’re shooting now is reserved for law enforcement, security guards and the like, and they’ve got a gunsmith on site who will clean your gun for you if you’re willing to part with some green. So, we decided to be lazy and wandered over there. Got some interesting tips about our guns and how to care for them.

One big shocker was when he told me that my gun should be kept well oiled. When Simi PD went to Berettas, they had a factory rep come out who told them to keep them dry. The gunsmith, though, had some broken beretta parts lying around that convinced me.

I also found out that the reason the feeder ramp for my gun always seemed so shiney is because its chromed. 😀 How’s that for bling? Its to protect the barrel and ensure smooth loading.

Oh, the gunsmith also did a nifty trick with a dremel and a bullet shaped polisher that he says can be picked up at gun shows. He greased up our guns with mobil one red grease and we were on our way…

Dad and I both agreed that being lazy and letting someone else clean the guns made the experience SO much more enjoyable.

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