July 6, 2004

I did a number on my foot last year in my crash. So, here I am a year later, been trying to get into shape because I’m about to be too old to join the Marines, and I’m discovering that my foot really doesn’t like me all that much.

I can’t jog, I can’t do jumping jacks, if I think about riding my foot starts to ache…

I did my time in the boot, I did rehab… This just isn’t going to ever really heal, is it? I’m remembering how the doc had told me that with an injury like I had, I’m probably at risk for arthritis in my foot…

So, I’ve pretty much accepted that between this and some other medical issues that I won’t go into here, I’m probably not going to get to join… Which makes me feel like an ass for telling people I was even thinking about it to begin with.

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