Home ownership.

Owning a house is an odd thing. You find yourself interested in things you never would have expected… Like, I just spent the last hour or two reading about attic ventilation and consulting the inspection report from when I bought the house… Or finding myself involved in conversations about trees and bushes.

I’m not sure, but I think I have a dutch gable roof, which I like the look of but may be a bad idea given that this is a windy area. My current point of irritation is, I think, a barrel dormer vent, which is noisy as all fuck in windy conditions. I’m not sure if the vent needs to be closed off or modified, or if maybe there’s a fan inside that vent which is getting blown the wrong way and complaining… I’ve asked my folks to send their roofer over to take a look. I hope he can find an answer.

I should find a way to measure the wind that is hitting my house.

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