January 1, 2008

Started the new year off with a 3 hour outage of the site at work. Random database issue that they won’t be able to figure out. The outage interrupted me while I was watching Hitchhiker’s Guide, which I will resume after this post. I wasn’t even on call, I was just the only person that the incident manager could get ahold of… It took three hours of calling before the manager of the DBA team picked up. Both their noob and our noob were on call, so that went well…

I woke up this morning sure I was supposed to go in to work… Got as far as Malibu Canyon before I pulled off, hopped on vpn from the iphone and checked the holiday schedule on the intranet.

I’ve been listening to audiobooks from Jiggerbug.com lately, half way through the first Wheel of Time book, Eye of the World. Its working out pretty well, but I expect things will be smoother when I get a 6 disk cd changer put in next week… Then I won’t risk the lives of everyone around me by groping for the next disk and trying to slip the last one into its sleeve.

Our ancient cat got blown into the pool by a gust of wind, or at least that’s our running theory. I doubt she intentionally went swimming, but she isn’t totally in charge of her faculties these days.

I’m done uploading photos to deviantART. So anything else that goes up there will be new. I think. I saw that they do more than just images and was half tempted to post some old poetry. I haven’t written anything in 10 years, though, and I don’t have any interest in starting back up, so I don’t know that there would be much point… Might do a bit more good there than gathering dust three directories in on my website…

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