February 2, 2004

I lost touch with my old friend Gretchen a year ago after I moved back from San Diego. Her cell is disconnected and the mailing address I had for her parents is old. I sent a letter to the address, but it came back… Apparently forwarding isn’t set up.

I thought I had about lost her, and I was getting ready to write their real estate agent as a last resort (I found a google cache that had their address in it, showing it sold last May) when I remembered that her mother had been a substitute teacher in a nearby city… So I googled for her last name, the city, and substitute, and I turned something up in the town that I last knew they lived…

I just sent an email to an address that I hope will find Gretchen’s mother… Maybe I will get to see her again… Man, I was about to give up hope… Hell, I had given up.

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