December 28, 2003

Since I started running dnet and seti@home again, I got my old bigfoot address pointed at bhodisoft to get the passwords for those accounts… Its been good training for my spam filtering software.

Today I got something from yahoo that didn’t trigger as spam… so I checked it out and it was an old yahoo account from when yahoo bought geocities… and then I found out that my old geocities web site was still there under the name bhodi842.geo…

I wiped it… I didn’t want any forgotten sites out there… I figure probably has a copy anyway…

Hmm, actually, doesn’t look like is storing as much as they used to.

Yup, just think… My site can always be known for the classy quote it displayed on Jan 26, 03 and the bitterkid will be known for the quote from Sept 26, 02

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