December 19, 2008

Got in this morning and found someone had taped up Matt’s chair. I grabbed the tape and penned the chair in so it wouldn’t get away… went off to the company meeting and asked around about the chair.

Seems Kenny had found the tape and just needed to do something with it.

So we found ourselves back over there, and I commented that I wanted to tape the 3 mice on his desk together. So I held them while Jason taped them… and then Jason went to fucking town… While Kenny got our security guy to print up quarantine signs… End result is this…

Normally someone has to do something to deserve this treatment… like take a vacation. Our old Executive Director asked what Matt had done and I answered “he wasn’t here early enough”. He seemed impressed.

So now we’ve put the fear of god in people who show up after 9am. Damn slackers.

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