August 9, 2008

James and I dug holes in the back yard looking for a leak in one of the sprinkler zones. We think its right under a big ass tree root and not something we are equipped to tackle on our own. I’ve shut that zone down and set the others to auto, so tomorrow they yard will get watered… shoulda done that last week, my grass is looking dead.

James picked up a push mower and mowed the front lawn in no time at all. We will attempt to do the back yard tomorrow when there is light.

I made some progress on redistributing boxes around the house…. house, not apartment… heh.

Got about four hours sleep last night thanks to work. And most of today was spent working or waiting to work anyway. We’re upgrading our app server software across the entire site. Its a major project that we’ve been working on for months and has been a major point of worry. Thursday is the official cutover, but we put 6 servers in rotation this evening and they’ll be in until monday morning. So far so good.

Saw nicole briefly. Hi nicole!

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