August 6, 2003

So two guys opened fire on the East County Sheriff’s station this morning. That’s about 5 minutes away from my home, and its where I worked for more than a year…

Last I saw, nobody knew why… You’d think that no one could actually expect to survive that sort of thing, so maybe they were trying to get themselves killed in some spectacular way… and they succeeded. One was dead at the scene, and the other has probably died since being transported to the hospital…

I just keep thinking about one of the offices that has its window on the front of the building… Its an office that I worked in for two months, entering FI cards and speeding tickets into the computer… It was occupied by three or so middle-aged women; none of whom carried a badge. Nice ladies. I hope none of them were hurt.

I think I also know a guy who is a trustee at the prison there right now (yep, that means he’s a convict… don’t ask).

So, as I was hearing about this, and it was starting to hit the news, I forwarded links to a few friends, one of whom wrote back to say basically “um, congratulations”…

WTF? Does she think that I enjoyed hearing about this? That I was passing this link along in triumph?

There’s nothing cool about two dumbasses shooting at a building full of people. There’s especially nothing cool about it happening in my home town.

I’m glad they got the guys before anyone in the station was seriously injured and it doesn’t bother me that they got themselves killed in the process, but there’s nothing about this that is cool.

Oh well, I guess I knew not to send that to her to begin with… I’ve just been trying to maintain a friendship with her somehow so I’ve been trying to email her when I have an excuse… I guess I shouldn’t bother.

I understand that the only injuries were from flying glass, but the article that is my source for that is pretty damn inaccurate… it said there was only one gunman, but all the other news sources said two.

I did kinda grumble about the article’s use of the word “suspect”… Its kinda hard for someone to be under suspicion when they’re shooting at you… That’s why the county calls people “subjects”… Its become a peeve of mine… Its funny, ’cause I can remember… someone, correcting themselves to say “suspect” and apologizing to me for saying something else… I don’t think I’d ever made an issue of that, they just knew I had worked for the dept and assumed…

Well, I’m tired and I’m rambling, so I’m gonna stop rambling… besides, I’ve still got two broken fingers and one of them hurts when I type.

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