April 24, 2008

I looked at a nissan altima hybrid, which our editors say is the best hybrid you can buy, the one for people who like to drive, lowest true cost to own in its price range, etc… and well, it just bored me.

Then I got to tell the salesman and his boss that I wsn’t going to buy anything tonight like 40 times. This after they offered me about 8 grand less on my trade in than I owe on it…

And then I drove my car off their lot, stepped on the gas, listened to the engine… and you know, I don’t really want a different car.

Yes, the altima is sensible, its would be a smart decision, especially since I had them willing to make me a killer deal (they know where I work, and its month end)… but no, there’s more important things in this life than making the sensible choice. Especially when you can afford not to.

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