The "What the Hell?!" Collection

This page is my poetry that the average reader would just wonder what the hell I was thinking, or alternately, what I had just ingested. Don't worry though... at worst I was intoxicated by lack of sleep.

Mentor's Last Words...


He goes where he is needed,
struggling against darkness.
His tiny pink body has traveled
the globe, bringing his message.
Driven by his quest, he keeps going,
and going, and going...


The purple trees dribbled
off the concrete and into
the boat below.
The raindrops stopped falling
on my head, and arched
skyward toward the moon.
I sat and watched and
sank further into the Jell-O;
Grape Jell-O!
The sky opened up and
potatoes fell like cats
and dogs, but without all
that whimpering after they
And before I was fully
consumed by the gelatin,
I wondered, "What the
hell am I on?!"

Mentor's Last Words...

Here we sit, alone. Outcast.
We are different. But we are the same.

Dial up. Sing your sweet song of sorrow, triumph, confusion...
Connect 28800. We are not alone. We are not outcasts.
We are kings and wizards. Gurus of the New New Age.

Blood does not flow through my veins. Not anymore.
My body breathes electric life, sings my thoughts to the world.
Paints the Mona Lisa in grayscale and hangs her on the walls of my mind.