The Lost Love Collection

Yes, this is all my depressing poetry about lost lovers. The only one missing is "Friends Again" but I didn't want to break the Friends series apart.

Love Tide...
Pandora's Box...
Where Do You Go...


The sound of a heartbeat
Warm breath on my face
A silhouette in the moonlight
I reach out... NO!
a pillow...
She's gone, why do these
memories haunt me?
I wish I could forget...
I wish I didn't have to...

Love Tide

The sun beats down on the hot sand.
A drop of rain, like your kiss, falls from the sky.
The sea, like your eyes, calls out to my soul.
For some, the beach is a playground,
for some it is the answer to all questions.
For me, the beach is your beauty, your soul, your love.
I never wanted to leave.
I wanted to stay at the beach forever, in your arms.
But the tide went out, and never came back in.
But I still waited...

Pandora's Box

Darkness, loneliness, and pain. That's how it begins. Alone in his room, find himself searching for something, anything to fill the emptiness. He knows there is only one thing that can satisfy his need. So he goes to the bed and retrieve the box.
She was there, in that thin, cardboard box. Every letter, every gift, every photograph, even the crushed and wilted remains of a rose. A swatch of fabric from her dress. A bottle of perfume, which had spilled over the rest, smearing ink and further destroying the rose. But even worse, its scent covered everything.
She was there with him. He knew that if he turned he would see her there, standing in the doorway in her black evening dress, shoes in one hand. He could hear them hit the floor as she moved towards him. He felt her breath on his neck, the perfume was overwhelming. Then he felt her lips just below his ear. He closed his eyes and listened to her breathing, felt her warmth. He reached out his hand and felt--
Nothing. Opened his eyes, and there was his arm, right where she had been. But she had never been there. She couldn't be, she was gone. "I don't love you anymore," she'd said. He told her that he understood and held her in his arms one last time. Then he'd cried, just as he did now. Just as he did every time the pain, the loneliness, and the darkness came. And then he put away the box... for next time.


I'm afraid.
I'm afraid to lose you,
I'm afraid to get too close...
I'm afraid it'll happen again.

I'm afraid to lose you.
I'm afraid to lose your warmth,
I'm afraid to lose your love,
I'm afraid.

Where Do You Go?

Where do you go to find shelter from your mind?
Where do you run to escape your tortured soul?
When your world turns against you, how do you go on?
How do you find happiness, once again?