Bob Index -- Contains all the Bobist Texts, including the newly re-discovered second text, Stuff.

Phil Index -- Index to my philosophical essays. Recent additions include three essays on Descartes. Plato and Epicurus essays still in the works.

How to "Hack" Windows 95 -- Tips on how to use Windows 95 more efficiently, as well as how to customize it in ways you may never have dreamed of.

The Fool's Intrigue -- Inspired by contemplation of tarot's Major Arcana, this is a different interpretation of the Fool's Journey. It was not intended to give true meanings of the cards. This page is very large because it has graphic images of all the major arcana. If you would prefer, this is a text only version.

Poetry Teaser -- Like a taste of my poetry? This is one of my favorites!

Links to other sites on the web. -- Accepting submissions.

Bhodi842 -- Been wondering just what this freak looks like? Here's my pic, newly scanned thanks to Aaron Shoemaker and Co..

Well, I hope you all like the new graphics. They were created using Paint Shop Pro 4.0 for Windows 95. I'm going to be re-vamping the look of the site, so keep a look out. But, it's not my major focus, so don't expect dramatic overnight changes.

I've put up a few new essays on my phil page. And, if you haven't been around for a while, you might check the Bob page to see what's new.

Thanks to (In no significant order):

Janice Daurio, Ph. D. -- For inspiring me to begin/continue my studies in philosophy. A truly gifted teacher, who I've sicced all my friends on... See Aaron, I told you so!

Elton Hall -- For showing me what a true scholar is.

The Cast of Monty Python's Flying Circus -- For showing me that philosophy actually does come in handy in real life.

Aaron M. Shoemaker -- For always keeping me thinking, and showing me my flaws.

Douglas Adams -- For inspiring me to write The Teachings of Bob (Along with the Superman comic books, and the movie Warlock).

The Necessary Being -- Whatever, or whoever, you are.

AlexKABOOM -- For getting me off my ass, and making me finish my Essay on Politics. One of Alex's many web pages is listed in my links section.

Welcome, newcomers and old friends! Bob finally has his home on the internet. It was a long time in the coming (More than four years since Bob first approached me).

Please, read on. Once you have soaked up the knowledge of these pages, pass it on to others, or seek psychiatric help, whichever you prefer.

Any comments, suggestions, questions, insults, threats, etc. can be sent to [email protected].

Sit back, enjoy the muddled train of thought, and when you're done, don't forget to check out these links...

Bhodi's Poetry Home Page -- Poetry, mostly depressing love poems. Sigh...

The Poetry Circuit -- The folks who encouraged my poetry, and who introduced me to my most recent ex (Who has asked me to remove her name from my web pages).

Once again, the Bob of this page is not associated with the Bob Dobbs of the Church of the SubGenius . Please check out their site, all Bobs hold truth, as they all come from the same divine source. But, before you send your check, remember I only charge $5 for salvation. Though, for special worshipers... Female worshipers (Who are the most holy of Bob's children)... We can work something out...

Anyone who would like me to add a link to their home page, please contact me at [email protected], and I'd be happy to. Especially if you add me to yours (But that is not a requirement, the CotSG guys don't even know my Bob exists...).

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