September 5, 2002

I’m kinda afraid of u-turns now… go figure, eh?

Stayed home sick; I have a fever from my infected knee injury. After a few hours, I hopped on the bike and went up to check out Ortega Highway (What? I had a fever; I wasn’t thinking clearly)… I *thought* it was going to be a quick trip… I *should* have looked at a map, though, because it was 50 miles just to get to the offramp.

Its a nice road, very gentle on the coastal side, with some curves as you get out toward Riverside. The curves are all butted up against a hill, though, so visibility is poor to the right or you’re on the outside of a turn and have to watch for people coming across the double-yellow.

I took it totally chill, and did the speed limit… once you get to the twisties, that’s a safe speed, but on the coastal side, I could have done it much faster (when I’m on the ball)…

I still don’t have a shifter ordered; need to take care of that.

I’ve been wavering on whether I need to see a doctor about this infected knee… but it seems to be healing, so I guess I’m good… and it isn’t looking as bad as it did monday.

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